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Have you always believed that there has to be more to life but your self-doubts and limiting beliefs have caged you in?

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The Mind Mastery Lab Membership contains the resources that will light up your path and the community that's got your back.

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Elevate Performance and Well-being with Dr. Karen Perkins

Expert Guidance in Communication, Leadership, and Personal Growth

By following Dr. Perkins advice and guidelines, thousands have improved work performance, their company’s bottom line and their own well-being. Her students learn to promote happiness at any level within the organization. They also experience great success in their personal lives, improve their communication and relationship skills and have enhanced their self-esteem and confidence. Dr. Perkins specializes in helping top executives polish their speaking and communication skills, and promote corporate wellness including emotional intelligence, change management, overcoming barriers and personal fears, team building, leadership, communications, conflict resolution, and stress management. Dr. K. uses a toolkit that includes multi-media, Internal Reset Therapy©, one-on-one and group Internal Reset sessions, corporate keynote presentations, and seminars. The next time you need a keynote speaker, workshop leader or executive consultant, request Dr. Karen Perkins. You and your team will be enthralled and eager to make life changes.

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Success Stories

Communication is Power!!!! What amazes me about Dr. Karen is not her capability to immediately connect with various “personalities” but rather her ability to others to do the same.

Dustin M

Speaker & Podcast Host

I have been using Dr. Perkins Home Study System, and it is PHENOMENAL!! First of all, the quality of everything truly is “first class.”

Julie M

Integration Strategist

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Karen Perkins and hearing her speak at the Prosperity Live Event 2019. Her energy, enthusiasm and warmth were immediately felt by all attendees.

Terica Wright


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