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How Thoughts Become Things

We gathered several of the top thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and cast from The Secret, to bring you value beyond any other movie of its kind!

Starring Bob Proctor, Douglas Vermeeren, Denis Waitley, John Demartini, Travis Fox, Marie Diamond, Joe Vitale, Karen Perkins, and John Assaraf!

Learn how thoughts can indeed have an effect on your income, relationships, health, spirituality and even your connection to yourself.

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I AM Worthy Self-Hypnosis

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Communication is Power!!!! What amazes me about Dr. Karen (Perkins) is not her capability to immediately connect with various “personalities” but rather her ability to others to do the same.

Dustin Matthews

Dustin M

Speaker & Podcast Host


I have been using Dr. Perkins Home Study System, and it is PHENOMENAL!! First of all, the quality of everything truly is “first class.” 


Julie M

Integration Strategist


I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Karen Perkins and hearing her speak at the Prosperity Live Event 2019. Her energy, enthusiasm and warmth were immediately felt by all attendees. 

Terica W

Adela Fransson

Research Assistant


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