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Invest in the Ultimate Deep Healing Experience

A Cruise Special Available for the Duration of the Cruise Only!

Too Busy Cruising? After Cruise Reset

Dive into unparalleled well-being with our exclusive Remote Emotional Reset. This powerful session is designed to pinpoint and energetically dispel specific emotions, paving the way for remarkable clarity and profound relief.

  • Insightful Analysis: Receive an in-depth examination of the emotions that hold you back.

  • Tailored Guidance: Get bespoke advice on how to release these emotions and infuse your life with positive energy.

  • Comprehensive Support: Enjoy step-by-step guidance on how to occupy the newly cleared emotional space with positivity and joy.

  • Essential Post-Session Care: To amplify the benefits of your healing journey, embrace positivity through proper hydration, listening to uplifting music, and fostering joyful thoughts.

    This is a once off Cruise Special - a chance to invest in yourself at unprecedented value.

Cruise Exclusive Offer: $125

A Full 50% off the Regular Value of $250!

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