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From Stuck to Unstoppable

Experience Exclusive Mind Mastery With Dr. Karen Perkins’ Cruise Specials

Embark on Your Voyage to Higher Consciousness

Feeling Stuck? Crushed by Unfulfillment or Pain?

Wonder no more about the invisible chains holding you back...

Peer into the future, armed with the clarity and power to reshape it. Those nagging aches and pains, those emotional barricades? Let them simply melt away, clearing the path to your goals.

Whispering 'yes' to these aspirations signals you're ready for a monumental breakthrough.

You can unlock the doors to the life you've been longing for. Untangle the knots of feeling stuck and set the stage for a burst of personal growth and satisfaction.

This is your invitation. Select the experience that aligns with your quest for a life brimming with fulfillment and purpose.

ClairCognizance Pathway: Intuitive Life Reading

Dive deep into spiritual and emotional enlightenment with bespoke sessions or healing bracelets.

Your journey to personal revolution starts now.

Unlock the Mysteries Within with Readings + BONUS Blessing & Healing Crystals!

Are you ready to explore the depths of your being and unlock your inner secrets?

Dr. Karen Perkins, a Seer and Ordained Tsa’chila Shaman with the innate gift of Claircognizance, offers you a once-in-a-lifetime reading.

This exclusive session not only reveals insights into your life but as an added bonus, includes a personal Shamanic Ancestral Blessing and Healing Crystals, tailored to your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs—all Shaman Blessed. 

Healing Crystals:

Your Personalized Energetic Armor

Not available post cruise.

Enhance your physical, emotional, or spiritual wellbeing with Shaman made and blessed healing crystals. Whether you seek protection, spiritual strength, luck, love, or success, these unique, handcrafted crystal bracelets are designed for you.

Each bracelet is one-of-a-kind, perfect for wearing, carrying, or placing under your pillow for night-time healing - once received, it cannot be shared as the blessing is tailored to you!

Available until the evening of the 15th—don't miss out on adding this powerful tool to your life or to give someone the gift of energetic healing power!

Too Busy Cruising? After Cruise Reset

Dive into unparalleled well-being with our exclusive Remote Emotional Reset. This powerful session is designed to pinpoint and energetically dispel specific emotions, paving the way for remarkable clarity and profound relief.

  • Insightful Analysis: Receive an in-depth examination of the emotions that hold you back.

  • Tailored Guidance: Get bespoke advice on how to release these emotions and infuse your life with positive energy.

  • Comprehensive Support: Enjoy step-by-step guidance on how to occupy the newly cleared emotional space with positivity and joy.

  • Essential Post-Session Care: To amplify the benefits of your healing journey, embrace positivity through proper hydration, listening to uplifting music, and fostering joyful thoughts.

    This is a once off Cruise Special - a chance to invest in yourself at unprecedented value.

Continue Your Transformation Beyond the Cruise

Shaman-crafted and blessed healing crystals are not accessible post-cruise but that does not mean your journey towards healing and enlightenment has to pause.

Embrace the power of distance healing with remote Readings, Blessings, Energy Healings, and Reiki sessions. Reach out to discover how these practices can enrich your life.

Get In Touch

Voices of Transformation

From profound emotional releases to spiritual awakenings, these testimonials illuminate the powerful impact on personal growth and change.

"After a skiing accident years ago, I was trapped in a cycle of surgeries, physical therapy, and chiropractic visits, yet the pain in my lower back persisted. Miraculously, after just one remote energy work session with Karen, I awoke completely pain-free for the first time in years. Karen's profound understanding of both physical and emotional healing has made her my go-to for support, consistently exceeding my expectations."

Terri M

"Plagued by arthritis, I found hope in Karen's recommendation of specific, blessed stones. The improvement was remarkable—whenever I have them with me, I feel significantly better. Karen's expertise in holistic healing has brought a new level of wellness to my life."

Michael B

"I was skeptical at first; we'd never met and she knew nothing about me. Yet, within moments, Karen revealed insights about me that were deeply buried. Our session not only unearthed forgotten memories but also set a foundation for an action plan that has since elevated my happiness to ecstatic levels. Karen's intuitive prowess has opened my eyes to a new dimension of awareness and joy."

Riley Anne P

"Engaging with Dr. Karen's 3-month coaching program was a pivot towards becoming my best self. Despite my fears and doubts, Karen's tools, especially hypnosis, revolutionized my self-concept. Her consistent energy work and accurate assessments facilitated a profound change in my life. She is a coach, a guide, a supporter, and a friend on the path to personal evolution. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. K to anyone seeking a positive transformation."

Mark B

About Dr K

Dr. Karen Perkins, known affectionately as Dr. K, bridges the gap between cognitive science and spiritual awakening with grace and expertise. A certified hypnotherapist and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) authority, she also brings deep insights into human behavior. Beyond her scientific acumen, Dr. K's intuitive spirit and shamanic ordination enhance her unique approach to healing, utilizing her natural gifts of Discernment and Claircognizance to foster transformative changes in her clients' lives.

Her holistic methodology combines this extensive knowledge with personalized strategies and energy work, ensuring lasting transformations. Leading the Mindset Masters Community, Dr. Karen has inspired countless individuals towards profound personal growth. For those seeking fulfillment and a life enriched with purpose, Dr. Karen Perkins offers not just her expertise but a compassionate partnership on the journey to enduring change.

Ready to Embark on This Life-Changing Voyage?

Reach out directly to Dr. Karen Perkins at [email protected] for personalized inquiries or to join our ever-expanding community. Due to high demand, please allow up to 48 hours for a response - she endeavors to reply to each message with the attention and care it deserves.