Business Bundle

This bundle includes the Audio Affirmations
"A Dynamic Speaker's Affirmations"
"Selling For What It's Worth"
"I am Motivated"
and the Bonus eBooklet "What Are They Thinking"

What's included in this bundle - your recipe for success

Speaker Affirmations Phone & Tablet

A Dynamic Speaker's
audio affirmation

This audio program is designed to allow you to achieve your ultimate success as a dynamic speaker, you will identify your own personal power from within and you will merge with that peaceful calm and emotionally powerful person you really are.

Selling for what it's worth

Selling For What
It's Worth

This audio program is designed to allow you to align with the true value you, your services, and your products bring to your ideal clients. You will identify the power of value & the life-changing impacts valuable services have for you & for your clients

I Am Motivated phone & tablet

I am motivated
audio affirmation

This audio is designed to allow you to find your own internal strength. The strength to determine what projects are important for you to work on and which are better suited for someone else; to find that internal motivation to succeed.

What Are They Thinking

As we’ve evolved over time, we’ve become distracted with words and lost our awareness of 55% of body signals. There are certain rules to follow in order to understand the language of the subconscious. This 16-pg booklet reveals tips for reading them.