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How Thoughts Become Things

Over a decade ago, The Secret revealed the endless possibilities of greater connection with yourself and tapping into the power of frequencies and feelings available to us. How Thoughts Become Things builds upon this foundation and reveals the process for creating the life you desire.

Dr Karen Perkins, the leading KPI expert and cast member of How Thoughts Become Things is hosting the WATCH PARTY.

The idea is that we’ll watch the film together, and Dr K will answer all the questions that arise, LIVE! It’s going to be an engaging, stimulating, & lively discussion!

This WATCH Party is EXCLUSIVE to those who purchase their download.

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Because you’re a seeker of knowledge, and we’re excited to share this launch with you, Dr K will gift you an audio copy of her life-changing, best-selling book Emotional Power: How to Understand and Use Your Emotions to Propel Yourself to a Better Life. This book, valued at $49.97, reveals the symbiotic relationship of logic and emotions… explaining the logic behind emotions and the emotions behind logic… which is important TO YOU… if YOU want to control your destiny and realize your dreams.

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